dumb luck? not so fast

“Oh my God, you’re so lucky!”

Luck. We always think of it as random and something we can’t control. I’m so lucky I passed that test. He’s so lucky to have his dream job. I’m so lucky to be dating her.

Whatever it is that you think is “lucky”, get ready for your mind to be blown.

luck oprah quote, luck quote oprah winfrey, motivational quote, lucky quote, alison hay, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blog, best fitness blogs, miami blog, miami blogs, prenatal personal trainerThat Oprah knows what she’s talking about. I’ve always loved this quote because I think it’s SO true. Think of all the “lucky” people out there–if you boil it down, was it honestly dumb luck or was there some preparation on their part?

For example: I love working at the prenatal personal training studio. I’ve always said to people “Yeah, I got so lucky finding this job!” but in all honesty, I was super prepared for the opportunity.

I was a certified personal trainer, studied for my prenatal specialization, and once the job opening was sent over to me by a friend, I was ready.

I swooped in and sent my resume. I threw myself out there by persuading the owner why I was the right one for the job.

Once I locked in an interview I made sure to give it my all…and I got the job.

alison hay, prenatal personal trainer, miami blogs

preview photo from this week’s shoot!
Michael Pisarri Photography

Lucky? Not really. My preparation combined with the well-timed opportunity got me to where I am now.

It can really apply to anything. Something that you wish you could be lucky enough to achieve? Start prepping now, you never know when the opportunity will present itself.

Study, learn, make the contacts you need, overcome any internal demons, whatever it is you need to prepare for what you want, do it!

Now, winning the lottery? That one can be chalked up to dumb luck.

What have you done that seemed “lucky” but really was an awesome opportunity you were prepared for?

P.S. Happy 60th birthday to Oprah! I think the big day was this past week…

photo credit: Michael Pisarri Photography