I need a healthy recipe for the Superbowl, help!

So, the Superbowl’s coming up. This basically means nothing to me as I can never seem to understand (or care about) the rules of football. I’m hopeless.

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photo: InvestorPlace

When this time of year rolls around, I honestly just start thinking about what would be good to eat while watching the commercials. We’ll do the usual pizza and wings, but I kind of want to go a little healthier and think of something fun to try out.

I know I’ll make a fun salad with all my favorites (avocado, goat cheese, craisins) but I want something more.

Anyone have any ideas for a healthy dish to make for the Superbowl? Seen anything good on Pinterest or other blogs?


In other news, I made a fantastic breakfast this morning. Expect a blog post and recipe next week, I was pretty proud of myself.

Superbowl-friendly healthy recipes?? Speak up, peeps!

photo credit: InvestorPlace