good form in exercising: important or not?

So yesterday I was thinking about exercising in general and something that’s recently been popping up a lot is form. Not a specific exercise move, but people are just interested in good form vs. bad form.

After tons of Pure Barre studying and having my own clients that I work with, I am well versed in what constitutes good form in most things exercise. And you know what?

It’s insanely important.

Whether it’s strength training, running, flailing your body around to a Tracy Anderson DVD, yoga, anything, form makes a world of a difference.

For more intense exercises, form can be that fine line between a good workout and a killer injury. CrossFit, anyone?

squat, basic squat, fitness, workout

One move in particular that I find people have trouble with is the basic squat. Driving through your heels, sitting back, and making sure your knees stay behind your toes are all important when trying to master the move. Check out my overview here.

Now when it comes to Pure Barre and exercises that isolate certain body parts or incorporate a lot of tiny movements, form is also really important. I didn’t realize this until I truly focused on it during a class one time. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of bad form to make the exercise feel easier, but this won’t give you a good enough workout! Once you’re in the right form it’s like BOOM! and you suddenly get it. #breakthrough

Anyway, when someone asks me about a certain kind of exercise program and what I think about it, I usually first assess it in the realm of how easy it is to get injured. I almost always warn people to be sure to do proper form or they won’t reap the benefits.

I’m gonna keep preaching and hit it home for you guys–focus on form! If you’re new to something, take a moment and tell the instructor and ask him/her for any tips. It’ll make a big difference and your instructor will thank you for it.

Avoiding injury is key by using good form. No one wants that nagging back pain or bum knee! Happy Tuesday!