new to running? start slow

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photo: Huffington Post

photo: Huffington Post

So I was browsing through the February 2014 issue of Runner’s World magazine and I came across an article that I thought would be great to share. (Sadly I can’t find the article on their website. They probably publish them publicly in a few weeks, so I’ll be sure to repost the link when it’s live.) It discusses the idea of running slow.

I’ve recently been running with one of my clients to help build her up to a 5k. One of my most common suggestions to her and anyone new to running is to start slowwwww.

Why do I say that, you ask?

There is less of a chance of injury. Running is taxing on the body and it’s fairly easy to overdo it. Stress fractures and other injuries often occur when you start too hard, too fast, so I always tell newbies to start slower than they think they should. This allows the body to adjust and build strength.

You build endurance. Running slowly helps you conserve energy, thus making it easier to keep on going. Endurance is extremely important when it comes to running, so starting slow sets you up with a great endurance base.

Burnout?! What’s that? By keeping your running pace and schedule tolerable, you have a strong shot at avoiding the dreaded burnout. Burnout is that state when you feel like you might be getting sick of your mode of exercise–you start looking for any excuse to drop it for that day. By running at a slower pace you feel like you’re really tackling the run, not failing it.

You’ll probably wake up the next day with a little tightness in your legs, but that’s worlds better than not being able to walk. Pushing yourself in your workouts has its time and place, but just starting a running routine is not the time.

Don’t be a hero, newbie, keep your running slow.

Does running slow make you yawn with boredom? Find a fun running path. Take it to a new place to entertain you. More of a music person? Craft an excellent playlist or download a podcast.

To all the runners out there, any advice to new runners?

What’s your favorite thing to wear/bring on your run?