schedule inefficiencies + some cool links

Hey people! Ah, we finally made it to Friday. This week was a rough one. I was tired and stressed, somewhat frantically counting down the days to the weekend.

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My biggest issue of the week? Scheduling inefficiencies. It’s super random but I had one of those weeks where I was driving all around the city, often wasting precious time in between appointments. Throw in the unpredictable Miami traffic and I was fried. It’s something I never really thought would happen; I always assumed I’d time out perfect slots for clients, have a steady schedule, and make it work.

Not this week.

I think the scheduling is what took the energy out of me. I know that this is not a normal week, and I kept telling myself that to get me to power through each day. But after all the running around, this weekend I’m pressing the reset button! Along with studying my Pure Barre materials…

Do any of you have serious scheduling inefficiencies? How do you deal with it? I would assume most mothers have quite the erratic schedule, so speak up, ladies! I’m going to be more mindful of planning out my weeks better, but sometimes it just can’t be perfect. That’s when I suck it up, gas up the car, and go.

Instead of Friday Five, I just have a couple cool articles that I want to share:

Working Out While Pregnant by Lindsay of Lindsay’s List – She is a fellow pre/postnatal personal trainer, and this is the most comprehensive summary of exercise during pregnancy that I’ve seen. A great read for anyone!

Yoga, Spinning, and a Murder: My Strange Months at Lululemon by Mary Mann at Salon – I was SO into this article. I totally relate to some of what she mentions. I’m shocked she got away with writing it!

Happy weekend! Don’t forget to enter the BAMR Bands giveaway, it ends next week!