guest post from Man Bicep: the holiday partner workout

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Cori from Man Bicep

Happy Friday! I have a pretty awesome guest post for y’all today. Cori from Man Bicep is one of my favorite blogs to read because she’s informative and comes up with some great–and challenging–workouts. I asked her to send over a good one and she didn’t disappoint! Now, go grab a partner!

Take it away, Cori:

Most of us spend the holidays with family and friends.

While this is wonderful, it can also make it hard to get in a workout….UNLESS, of course, you enlist your friends and family to workout with you!

So here is a great partner workout to do while at home with friends and family!



Stretch and roll out calves, hamstrings, quads, groin, hips/glutes, chest/shoulders/traps, back/lats


Do 3-5 rounds of the circuit below (one round is all 4 exercises). Rest a minute between rounds.


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30 seconds per side of Partner Get Ups
Rest 15 seconds

Partner Get Ups: Stand facing partner. Both have feet hip-width/shoulder-width apart, slightly staggered if needed. Hold hands with arm-wrestling-like grip. Hold right-to-right or left-to-left. One partner sits on ground, rolling onto back. Without using other hand, roll up and drive through heels to come to standing. Other partner will move forward/lean forward with them as they roll back so they can help “pull” them back up to standing. Once partner is standing, other partner rolls back, plants feet, and comes back to standing. Keep alternating partners for the time interval; then switch to other hand and repeat. Make sure to help your partner stand up…and move as quickly as you can!

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30 seconds per side of Partner Pulls
Rest 15 seconds

Partner Pulls: Grab partner’s hand. Step opposite foot forward into strong staggered stance facing partner. The goal is to keep tension the entire time–challenge each other to pull and really work for every inch of movement. However, don’t resist so hard that the other person can’t move! There should be slow and steady movement back and forth. Once you’ve set up, one person pulls toward their armpit while the other slowly allows their arm to extend, resisting the pull. As soon as the partner is fully extended, the other partner should start pulling back toward their armpit while the other person resists. A slight rotation as you pull is fine, but you shouldn’t rotate a lot. Avoid rounding/shrugging the shoulders or leaning back; keep a nice tall posture with a slight leg bend.

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30 seconds Partner Crawl and Jump
Rest 15 seconds

Partner Crawl and Jump: One person sets up in pike/downward dog position from their hands and toes. Other partner will crawl under. Easier option: have your knees on the ground. More difficult option: try not to allow your knees to touch the ground while still managing to crawl under your partner. Once you crawl under, partner will drop to ground (like the bottom of a push up) so you can jump over. More difficult option: hold at the bottom of a push up just a few inches off the ground. Easier option: rest on ground. Hop laterally over partner with both feet. If lateral hop is too difficult, jump forward or even hop one foot at a time if you are just beginning. Once you’ve jumped over, drop to ground and set up in plank/downward dog position. Your partner will have pushed back up into the plank position while you are dropping to the ground and will then turn and crawl under you. Keep alternating crawls and plank holds.

*Final move!*

30 seconds Plank Hold with Alternating Reaches
Rest up to 1 minute then repeat

Plank Hold with Alternating Reaches: Hold high plank position from your hands and knees (beginner) or toes (advanced), facing partner. Feet are hip-width apart. Keep body in straight line with glutes and core engaged. Lift one hand up off ground and reach to touch partner’s hand in front of you. Touch your right hand to their left. Place hands back on ground. Reach other hand up and forward to touch partner’s hand again. Alternate touches without rotating hips as you reach.


Stretch and roll out calves, hamstrings, quads, groin, hips/glutes, chest/shoulders/traps, back/lats


Try to get as many reps done in the 30 seconds as you can. Move quickly and do not rest during the 30 seconds of work.

Take more than 1 minute between rounds if needed.

Thanks Cori! Have a happy and stress-free weekend!