I survived pure barre teacher training!

Well, I did it! I’m back home after an exhausting weekend. Pure Barre teacher training is no joke!

I didn’t really get any photos since we were in the classroom/studio all weekend, but I did manage to get a buddy to take this snap on our final day:

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That’s me, so happy I survived!

I’m not going to go into detail about the entire weekend, but know this: I lifted, toned, and burned like nobody’s business. Today I’m achey in a good way–I know that all the work, while being instructional, was also good for my body at the same time. 😉

Was the weekend fun? Yes. Was it overwhelming? Absolutely. I’ll be spending this next week going over everything I learned and preparing for the next steps of the teacher training. This weekend was only the kickoff of the journey, so I’m in full speed ahead to achieve the goal.

In other news, I am fully owning up to the fact that I ate total crap yesterday. I think I was using the “traveling sucks” excuse. That excuse continued all the way through to dinner, which I had in the comforts of home. That excuse was “I made it home, I’m tired!” We can’t win them all.

My plan for this week: study Pure Barre, keep up with my clients and my workouts, finally get some Christmas shopping done, and squeeze in the most family time I can…it is the holidays after all!

So much for December being my “Let It Ride” month