random rant: don’t leave class early!

So today I’m talking about something that makes me a little peeved. My friend invited me to a barre class at Equinox (for market research purposes) and I obviously said yes. Who wouldn’t?!

The class was filled with chatty women who were clearly regulars. They grabbed their equipment, laid down their mats next to each other, and the class was off to a punctual start.

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photo: Chelsea Piers

We tucked and pulsed at the barre. Performed leg lift after leg lift until we burned. Rocked out on some push-ups.

The class was progressing nicely up until the final portion–abs–came around. I’m not going to rant about the class, that was fine…it’s the attendees that bugged me.

A small handful of women (it was a crowded class so there were a lot of us) packed up their stuff and shuffled out the door. Now, this wasn’t a terribly aggressive or difficult class that would make women want to leave–it was the exact opposite! It was a fun, girly environment that made for a good workout. So why would they leave?

Here is my rant: I find it pretty rude to leave an exercise class early. It’s only an hour of your time, give it your attention. If you must, please speak to the instructor and explain why you might need to head out early. Picking up the kids from school? Fine. Heading to a doctor’s appointment? Okay. But don’t just wander out without an explanation–you owe it to the instructor!

I literally did a class like this–aqua pilates with the cast of the Golden Girls. Did I leave early? No. Did I want to? Hell yes.
photo: Community Health Network

Think of it from the instructor’s point of view. You’re doing your job, giving everyone a good workout, and then a couple people just decide it isn’t worth their time.

Confidence = crushed.

I’ll try to wrap up my rant–just buckle up and stay in class. If you know you have to leave 15 minutes early, think about going to another class. When you leave early it distracts the participants and the instructor may be thrown off. Not cool dude, not cool.

In closing, think of it this way: whatever it is that you do on a regular day, would you want people to just head out early on you? When you’re leading a meeting would you want people to just pack up and exit before you’re done?

I think I’ve made my point.

*rant over*

I’ll be out and about on my Pure Barre teacher training weekend tomorrow, so have a stellar weekend! I’ll be sure to clue you in on how my training goes, I can’t wait to start!

photo credit: Chelsea Piers Community Health Network