how Target plans to sabotage your holiday

Yesterday I ventured out to Target to pick up the last of the Christmas decorations we needed. It was quite a scene with parents and their tots. I actually heard one stressed out mom warn “Santa will NOT bring gifts to you if you keep acting like this!” Ah, holiday stress. It brings out the best in us.

After battling the traffic and then zig zagging through the aisles of sparkly decor, I was spent. Conveniently, the Christmas section of Target ended at the aisle of Christmas candy. No wonder people gain weight over the holidays, Target strategically placed the candy section where tired moms and dads are their most vulnerable! You sneaky beast, Target!

When you’re feeling weak and want to cave in to the candies, cookies, cakes, or craft beer, think of this:

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source: Scoop Smiles

The holidays are a time to be happy and spend time with family. Yes, that involves the occasional decadent meal. That’s life.

Instead of these “How to Stay Thin During the Holidays!” articles and the “Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight and Enjoy Your Holiday!” lists, just try to make a couple of healthy choices. You don’t need fifteen pigs in a blanket at the Christmas Eve party. Keep the egg nog to one glass. Feeling fat and tired after a meal? Go for a group walk instead of slugging on the couch.

Each healthy choice counts as progess. Don’t beat yourself up over a few missteps during the holidays. No one can achieve holiday perfection, so think only of progress.

You can do it! Now go hug your family!

photo credit: Scoop Smiles