mini-mental health day + yet another announcement

Hey all! Yesterday I was feeling some serious fatigue. It was physical, it was mental, it was exhausting.

photo: Bubblews

photo: Bubblews

Once I finished my morning clients, I got home and just sank. Unfortunately a puppy doesn’t really allow for napping, but I tried my best.

I decided that it was a mini-mental health day. I still worked so I didn’t take the entire day, but I babied myself in my off hours. I opted out of the gym, realizing that it was better for me to just embrace being tired and rest up for my evening client.

I didn’t even blog. Gasp!

After taking it easy and going to bed at my normal time, I did wake up with more energy today and I’m hoping even more shows up later–post-exercising!

Moral of the story? Listen to your body…take a break when you really need it. You’ll come back stronger.

On another note–

You are now talking to a soon-to-be Pure Barre instructor!!!

I had seen that Pure Barre Miami was looking for new instructors so I immediately sent over my resume. After an interview I got an email confirming that I was accepted!

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Becoming a Pure Barre instructor is a lot more detailed than I thought it would be and I love that. The company is so professional, something that is often absent in the world of fitness. They really have their sh*t together.

I will be going to their east coast headquarters in South Carolina for a weekend of intensive training. I am on the wait list for the December session, so I may have to wait for the January weekend session to get going. I hope I’m let in to the earlier one, I want to start learning!

There are more steps after the training weekend so it will be some time until I’m actively teaching in the studio. I’m so happy to be able to add to my portfolio of specializations and certifications, this style of exercise is completely different from what I’ve done before!

In the meantime I’ll be attending Pure Barre classes to really get a grip on the structure and the method of the class. I’ll be heading over later today to get my burn on! Woot woot!

Have any of you tried Pure Barre or any other barre classes? Thoughts?

photo credit: Bubblews