before + after photos: a conspiracy?

I love a good conspiracy theory. I’ve become a very skeptical person over the years, realizing years ago that reality TV is, in fact, not real…no matter what anyone says. Internet videos aren’t always genuine, people get hired to make these silly “hidden camera” moments. I could drop into the political side of my conspiracy theory love, but that would make for a whole different blog. Politics do not belong here!

I was soo into this article when I came across it–a fitness conspiracy?! Let me back up before you get confused.

You know those shocking Before & After photos you see everywhere? Magazines, infomercials, Facebook postings, pretty much everyone is preaching how they “lost it for good!” But alas, don’t let your eyes deceive you!

The truth is, it could be a conspiracy. Andrew, the author of the article, was fed up with some of the drastic Before & After photos that are clearly manipulated.

He took one hour out of his day to take a Before photo (pale and bloated), and after some magic, an After photo (tan and trim).

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photo: Huffington Post

So what did he do to look so transformed? A haircut, a fresh shave, some push-ups and chin-ups, changed up the lighting of the room, sucked in and clenched his muscles…and that was it.

Want to see more good Before & After fakes and details on how it’s done? This article has other people showing their tricks…it’s so interesting!

Okay, the moral of this story is to not always believe what you read or see. You might see some Before & Afters that make you jealous or make you wonder why YOU aren’t getting those results.

My advice? Don’t even look at those photos. Or, look at them and roll your eyes.

Focus instead on making healthy choices from your diet to your exercise. Trust me, it’s much better to get in shape on your own accord and with your own hard work. Don’t fall for the false advertising.

Choose the healthy route, not the quick fix!

photo credit: Huffington Post