the fitness industry just keeps. getting. hotter.

Flipping through the most recent Women’s Health magazine, I saw this statistic:

fitness industry, how to get into the fitness industry, fitness industry growth, beoming a personal trainer, ACSM personal trainer certification, ACSM certified personal trainer exam, alison hay, alison hay personal trainer, the fit chronicles, the fit chronicles blogIn other words, fitness ain’t going anywhere. I guess I picked a good time to change industries! While finance is slowly dying in popularity, fitness is only getting hotter. There will always be people wanting to get healthier, lose the baby weight, WOW everyone at their high school reunion, keep up with their grandkids–there are a million reasons.

Is anyone thinking of starting a career in the fitness industry? Like I said, the time is now. I’m one of those people, leave it to my time in NYC, where I’m fiercely competitive…in a weird way. 

I’m a ladykiller at a sample sale.

I thrive off of picking the fastest lane of traffic.

If someone beats me to the last free sample in Costco, I wish I had walked a little faster over to the lady in the hairnet handing out samples of frozen burritos.

I’m competitive in all the wrong ways. I did use my competitive nature to push myself into personal training, however. I kept thinking of all the people who say they want to make a change and want to become a trainer but never really get around to doing it, and I thought…I’m gonna beat them to it.

I’m now a solid year into my career as a personal trainer, and I have to admit that I really do enjoy it. Trust me, I’m not lying just to make it look like everything is fabulous all the time. I genuinely want my clients to succeed, whether it be to lose weight or deliver a healthy baby. While the schedule is totally different from a 9-5 desk job, I’m adapting and slowly breaking myself of what the corporate world told me is normal. And you know what? It’s FUN.

I’ve decided that over the near term I’ll give you a peek into the life of a fitness professional. Maybe if I’m popular enough I can get OTHER fitness pro’s up in here to talk about their daily routines! (Bloggers, start your engines!)

What do you guys want to know about working in the fitness industry? Are you thinking of joining this group of fit-minded people? ASK ME ANYTHING.