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diet debate: bethenny frankel vs. bob harper

The other day I was watching my DVR of the Bethenny daytime talk show (yup, one of my closeted guilty pleasures) and she had a really cool segment. For those of you who don’t know her, Bethenny Frankel is a former Real Housewife of New York and she’s most famous for creating and ultimately selling (for like $100 million!) her low-cal drink, SkinnyGirl Margaritas. Over the years she’s been on TV for her healthy cooking skills, business savvy, published books, and loud mouth, so Ellen DeGeneres wanted to give her a talk show. I have to admit, it’s actually a good show that jumps into topics you normally wouldn’t put on TV.

Bob Harper, the best personal trainer on The Biggest Loser (in my opinion), was a guest on the show recently. Since he and Bethenny are both well-versed in health and fitness, they had a diet debate face off, talking about their opinions on wellness.

Here’s what they both said, with my own opinions sprinkled in for good measure:

Bob Harper (BH): For the healthiest eating and weight loss, people need to make sure they have a little fat, protein, and carbs with each meal and snack they eat. This makes them less likely to binge.

Bethenny Frankel (BF): People get anxiety when they have to think about food in fat/protein/carbs terms, because they often don’t know what each one is! They need to just know healthy options.

I agree with Bethenny on this one. While in an ideal world Bob’s method would work flawlessly, it’s just not realistic to think that everyone looking to get healthy will take the time to make sure their meals are balanced. People need quick go-to’s as meals, so a portable list of OK’ed foods would be more helpful.

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BH: You must have a big breakfast within the first hour of waking up. A lot of people on The Biggest Loser will say they don’t like breakfast and try to fast up until lunchtime, but it’s important to spark up your metabolism and fuel the tank for the day!

BF: College girls do that fast too–they’ll drink the night before, maybe eat some fatty foods before bed, and then wake up and starve themselves until they’re so hungry they have to eat. Also, not everyone is a breakfast person! Is it so bad to wait until you’re genuinely hungry to eat for the day?

After a debate, they compromised on a light breakfast to at least begin the day. I agree with this compromise–it’s super important to eat breakfast right when you wake up, but sometimes we don’t have the time to scramble up some eggs. Something small that will rev you up for the day is fine, such as a Greek yogurt, a piece of fruit, or a protein bar.

BH: Don’t drink juice…ever! Have real fruit, not the added sugar and calories of juice.

BF: Um, hello, an orange isn’t the same as juice. Juice is delicious. To cut the calories, dilute it! It can really help with a hangover. Also, remember that no one got fat from only having juice.

I agree with both, but juice rocks. There’s nothing like that taste of a cold OJ to wash down your breakfast (within an hour of waking up, of course). Keep it under control and you’ll be fine. Don’t chug a gallon of it.

BH: Go to bed hungry. If you absolutely must eat something, choose more protein-rich foods. Remember, if you eat normally throughout the day you shouldn’t even have nighttime hunger.

BF: No one’s craving chicken breast at 11:45pm! What about one Oreo? (Bob laughed at that comment because basically no one can hold themself to just one Oreo)

I admit that I’m a sucker for a little dessert at night. But I don’t go bonkers and eat the whole kitchen, I have pretty good willpower to stop. I agree with Bob though, make sure you’re eating the right things all day and you won’t feel real hunger before bed.

Pretty good segment, right? Are any of you watching this season’s The Biggest Loser? I haven’t remembered to DVR it so I need to catch up!

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