obesity and eating disorders + friday five

If you met someone who used to be obese and had lost a lot of weight, would you be impressed?

Would you ask them how they did it?

…Would you get an honest answer?

The other day, The Wall Street Journal published an article about obese and overweight people developing eating disorders as a way to quickly lose their extra pounds. It was something I never really thought about, but it’s so true.

In a society where thin is beautiful and fat is shunned, there is a crazy amount of pressure to look your best. We see the fast results that contestants on the Biggest Loser boast, we read how Heidi Klum, the supermodel, lost her baby weight in three quick days. There’s weight loss “noise” everywhere. 

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photo: Fresh Healthy Vending

Once an overweight person decides they need to and will lose weight, it could be easy to fall into a spiral of minimal calories and maximal exercise. Those early pounds lost are fuel to the fire–if I lost weight switching to a turkey sandwich for lunch, what if I switched it to a salad? Instead of the salad, what about just lettuce? You see where I’m going with this one.

There’s a growing amount of overweight people getting help for an eating disorder. What makes this tricky is that most people in danger for disordered eating are actually underweight and need to gain pounds, so when someone with an eating disorder is overweight the recovery gets much more complicated. The end goal is not for the patient to lose or gain weight in this case–it’s fixing the mentality behind it all. The relationship with food.

This article is #1 on my Friday Five this week, it’s definitely worth a read. How would YOU go about helping someone like this?

Disordered Eating by Jess at Operation Skinny Jeans. This post goes hand in hand with the above article I mentioned. It’s a firsthand account of what it’s like to really view food differently from others, and how much of a struggle it is to keep the emotions out of eating. She has a great blog with honest conversation, she’s a good one to bookmark!

Everything You Thought You Knew About Multivitamins is Wrong via Greatist. Another perspective on the multivitamin debate. If you’re interested in reading more about vitamins, check out my vitamin series.

Series With Runner’s World: What Every New Runner Needs to Know by Sarah at Shh…Fit Happens. She got to attend a seminar hosted by Runner’s World magazine in Bethlehem, PA…yes, the home to Lehigh University, where I went to college! I was so jealous of everyone that got to go that weekend. Anyway, this post is chock full of advice for new and advanced runners, SUCH a good read. Hopefully they have this weekend next year so I can go!

Protein Packed Chocolate Milkshake by Stephanie at Healthy and Homemade. She’s pregnant (congrats!) and came up with a chocolate milkshake recipe that’s laden with protein powder and chia seeds. Sounds pretty delicious, I want it this weekend!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be spending my days perusing my new Windows phone, I strayed from the iPhone…

photo credit: Fresh Healthy Vending