total body running workout

total body running workout

Do you ever see those crazy people at the park that spontaneously break into an exercise move smack in the middle of their run? They halt, drop to the ground, and start doing bicycle crunches. Well, judge them no more–I think that kind of a workout is a pretty cool idea.

Sometimes a run gets really boring or you desperately keep glancing at your watch, wishing time would go faster. If you’ve never felt that way, keep your mouth shut. We are all jealous. To keep things fresh and moving, I’ve been known to do a “total body run” from time to time–aka I’m-bored-why-don’t-I-break-into-lunges-to-distract-myself-from-this-run. Call it what you want but sprinkling in some strength moves while your heart is pumping can help burn more calories and build more muscle. Booyah.

Here’s a simple “total body run” you can use to break yourself in to the world of crazy-person runs. Believe me, they’re fun once you get past the idea that people may be watching you. As you get more comfortable busting a move mid-run, stay tuned for some funkier combos, I’ll keep you entertained and busy!

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Have you ever tried doing a “total body run” like the one above? Do you like breaking up your run or are you more of a running purist?