why do my ears pop when I exercise?

It usually happens when I’m sucking wind on the elliptical. It is such a random condition that I had to ask…

Why do my ears pop when I exercise?

Yup, you read it–my ears pop. It’s really weird. One minute I’m on the elliptical, jamming out to whatever song’s playing on Pandora, and suddenly I feel my ears go a little off-kilter. I try yawning and swallowing, but sometimes it doesn’t fix itself until I’m off the machine and stretching. I recently found someone else who feels the same sensation when she’s pushing herself in bootcamp. What the heck?!

yawn photo 2

yawning to combat the ear popping! photo: Domar Center

Thanks to the ever-helpful Livestrong.com, this could be related to your sinuses, allergies, the common cold, or even the Eustachian tube in your ear. When you exercise hard enough to have your blood pumping through your body the tissues in the Eustachian tube in your ear can become engorged or somewhat blocked, resulting in ear popping. Interesting, right? If you’re like me and the ear popping ceases once you finish up your workout, you’re fine–no real issues here. If it doesn’t clear up or causes you pain, it could be something more serious and worth checking out.

There’s another thought that this popping could come from breathing through your nose and mouth at the same time–I totally agree with this one. Sometimes I’m in the zone on the elliptical if I’m reading something or watching a show, so high-intensity exercise + not paying attention could cause me to breathe erratically.

Either way, I’m not concerned. I just thought it was interesting that I found someone else who gets a poppin’ in their ears!

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In other news, I was accepted this weekend to be an IDEA Inspired Blogger! IDEA describes this honor as:

The IDEA Inspired Blogger program is designed to recognize bloggers who inspire and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Since being accepted I have joined a small group of similar bloggers who are all working on bringing the best in health and wellness to the world. I’m excited to have a community of other bloggers to bounce ideas off of! You can find other IDEA Inspired Bloggers on their website and on Twitter with the hashtag #inspiringfitness.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Please tell me–do YOUR ears ever pop while exercising?!

photo credit: Domar Center