10.18.13 - friday five

10.18.13 – friday five

We made it to Friday! Hope everyone has had a happy and healthy week. I wanted to post some internet gems for you that I found throughout the week. I love finding good articles and I really LOVE sharing! Please add any memorable ones you read this week in the comments, I’d love to take a look.

5 Strength Training Truths Every Woman Should Know by Courtney Green from the Huffington Post: This article debunks a lot of myths that women perpetuate amongst each other…how many times have you heard “I can’t lift heavy weights, I’ll bulk up.” Courtney tells it like it is and it is a good read for anyone, including fitness professionals!

photo source: nutritionella

10 Things I’ve Learned About Food from Michael Pollan by Elle at her fab blog, nutritionella: I know I need to start reading up on food and nutrition–it’s a passion of mine, but I can never find the time to dig into a book. Every night I’m so tired that I don’t even get to the point of opening my book! Anyway, she reveals the tidbits she’s learned from a stellar food author, Michael Pollan. This Cliff’s Notes opened my eyes to everything I don’t know about food yet…I’m inspired to keep reading!

The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos by Kevin Moore on Reembody: Guys, I LOVE this. Have you noticed all the “fitspiration” photos on Pinterest?

one of the worst…click through to the article to hear his funny narrative! photo source: Reembody

Kevin finds the worst of the worst and breaks down why they aren’t actually inspirational. His tone of voice is perfect as well, I was giggling for most of the read.

10 Things I Would Tell My Former “Fat” Self by Taylor Ryan at Lifting Revolution: This is a great look back on Taylor’s weight loss journey and what she would tell herself if she met her today.

CrossFit Ruined My Confidence and Sent Me to the Hospital. Here’s Why I Still Do It by David Tao via Greatist: Ever seen a CrossFitter with such a passion for their fitness? This is a cool peek into the mind of a CrossFitter, definitely worth the read.

What have you read this week that you loved?