a weekend with sniffles + a long run

Hey ladies and gents! Here we are, back at Monday…I could use about nine more hours of sleep. I’m still trucking through my head cold and today is the hoarse-voice-and-tickly-cough phase of being sick. I sounded pretty creepy to my clients today.

Aside from being sick, I had a pleasant weekend. Before it all started, I had to finish up my clients for the week and this one particular session was a new challenge for me. I go to a corporate office gym during the week for a client and this day there was a super-special executive-level private training session going on when I was scheduled to be there. Translation: no gym access for us! In an unprecedented event for me, I pulled off an effective training session in…a board room.

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walking lunges with ankle weights amidst the desk chairs…

After that silly session and a couple of others, it was finally the weekend! I packed up and headed to my in-laws who live about an hour and a half  away. Having this scenery each time we visit them makes it feel like a getaway from our Miami life!

golf course photo

My husband and I had his birthday celebration dinner that night and afterward I crawled into bed in anticipation for my run in the morning–while simultaneously praying that my cold disappeared overnight!

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 7:00am. Yikes. My nose had clogged up overnight and I barely got any shut-eye. I SO wanted to ditch the run and go back to sleep, but due to the temperatures (and humidity) climbing outside I knew it was now or never. If I ditched my last long run before the race, I’d feel that much more anxious the morning of the real deal. I flung myself out of bed, deciding that the run was going to be 6.5 miles instead of the 7 miles I originally planned for. My training plan said to do 6.5-7 miles, so it doesn’t count as cheating! As I was getting ready for the run I ended up feeling better and actually looking forward to some time alone on the road.

tropical long run photo

a snippet from my long run, isn’t it pretty?!

Taking into account the fact that I had a stuffy nose, the long run couldn’t have gone much better than it did. I never had an “I CAN’T DO THIS!” moment, never wanted to just walk the rest and give up, never felt like I was going to get a headache. My sickness caused me to really listen to my body and I happily got through 6.5 miles. My notes below:

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my Nike stats

I was really pleased to see that my pace fell under the 10-minute per mile bracket. My personal goal for this weekend’s race is to finish the 6.2 miles under 60 minutes. After looking at my 10k time this Saturday, that means I have to cut about 1 minute 20 seconds off my overall time. I think it’s doable because this week I’m going to focus on hydrating and sleep and keeping my body healthy. For my long runs I have been making sure to keep it slow and not push myself, so I think for the race I can really crank it up and see how I can do.

One last thing to leave you with: Any of you Biggest Loser fans? One of my favorite bloggers, Nicole at Pumps & Iron, got the opportunity to chat with Jackson Carter from the most recent season. He has a heart of gold and I loved following him as he continued to lose weight each week. This interview lets you in on what he’s doing these days and how he’s staying in shape. A good read!

Happy Monday! Any of you have races this weekend?