new e-cookbook: single serving recipes!

Alright, get ready for a genius idea–Kammie, a blogger over at Sensual Appeal, was sick and tired of making regular recipes that fed the standard family of four (or more!) when she was the only one planning on eating the meal. I know exactly how she feels. When I lived in New York I always was lazy when it came to cooking. Multiple times a week I found myself falling back on my standard whole wheat pasta with Boca crumbles and tomato sauce–an impromptu bolognese. Variety was minimal.

Kammie took her dilemma, came up with a plan, and made Healthy & Delicious Single Serving Recipes, a cookbook with one-serving recipes for you and only you! I got a sneak peek of the book and I’m not gonna lie, some of these dishes are insanely easy and sound delicious. Check out the link for some mouthwatering food photos and Kammie’s story behind the book. I highly recommend this cookbook if you have an insatiable sweet tooth, there are tons of options (apple pie parfait, chocolate chia pudding, raspberry mint yogurt bites…).

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I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!! Kammie is offering a discount for The Fit Chronicles readers! Sensual Appeal is gifting us a 25% discount off the cookbook, normally $7.99. Use the code BLOG25 when placing your order!

Be sure to go over and check out Sensual Appeal online, on Twitter, on Instagram, etc. She’s the real deal!

New Year's Eve 2006

Ali + Melissa, New Year’s Eve 2006

In other news, I’m off on my bridesmaid’s duties yet again…this time I’m headed to Duke University! My best friend from high school is marrying the love of her life, a fellow Duke alum. Remember the post about bridal bootcamp? This is the bride! It’s going to be such a fun weekend with tons¬†of their friends traveling from near and far, I can’t wait to see everyone!! Stay tuned for wedding gems next week!

Congratulations Melissa and Thomas!