cleaning, prancing, + burning calories

cleaning, prancing, + burning calories

You know that feeling after you deep clean your house, apartment, car, or garage? You’re satisfied and exhausted. Maybe even a little out of breath. Well rejoice people–those activities can count as exercise!

One of my favorite health + fitness websites, Greatist, posted an article recently about everyday activities counting as exercise. This is a concept referred to as NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This is that kind of activity that magazines often mention, like fidgeting (get the jitters, lose your flab! they preach), pacing while on the phone, mopping the floors, Windexing the windows…the list goes on and on. Anything that causes you to move will ultimately burn calories. Now don’t go thinking that this can replace your exercise habits; this is just some fun info for you to bring out at a cocktail party. The idea is that being active, no matter how you go about it, results in more calorie burn which results in more–wait for it–weight loss. Straightforward, right?

So how can you maximize your NEAT? Get up from your desk right now. Walk around. Do a load of laundry. Go mall-walking. Prance. Do anything. As Nike so eloquently puts it, just do it. It’s basic science–moving vs. slugging around. Opt for moving.

…you’re welcome.

photo credit: Fox News Insider