run with me! women's health run 10 feed 10 race

run with me! women’s health run 10 feed 10 race

So we all know that I have dipped my toes back into running. I’m never one to be extreme and overdo it in anything, especially running, but this opportunity presented itself and now I find myself quickly training for my first 10k race (eek!)…yup, just call me Last Minute Lindsey.

This is so not normal for me. I started training for a half marathon with my husband and gave up after one sweltering 7 mile run. I was over it. He continued on with the training and finished his half marathon on his own…alone. I felt like I let him down, but I just had no interest in pushing myself through something I didn’t really enjoy. I realized that something more like a 10k was my speed (pun intended?). No grueling training, just going a bit outside my comfort zone.

When I heard about the Women’s Health Magazine Run 10 Feed 10 race, I was intrigued. I was more excited at the fact that there was a fun run to be held in Miami, the place that never seems to participate in the national events and races that I want to try! When I got in touch with Jaime, a Women’s Health Boston Action Hero and ambassador for this race, I knew I’d give it a shot.

The Miami fun run will be held on October 12, 2013 at SoleRUNNERS on Kendall Drive. If you live in an area where there isn’t an organized race or fun run, you can run your own race wherever you are! The website allows you to plot your own course and complete your run anytime before October 27, 2013. I think it would be really fun to get all your girlfriends, fellow dudes, and any kids involved and make it an eventful Saturday morning.

What I also love is that the website provides a 10k training plan so preparation is super easy. I admit I was unsure how to train for this properly, so I’m using the training plan as a guide. I’ve tweaked it a little for my schedule but I love knowing that all I have to do is fit in my run and rest when prescribed. Woohoo!

Let me know if any of you guys sign up and we’ll run (virtually or physically) together! You’ll all be reading along with my journey of 10k training…

Here’s a little message from Jaime explaining what Run 10 Feed 10 is and all the ways you can get involved as well!

Run. Influence. Change the world with Run 10 Feed 10.

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Think about the last time you said, “I’m starving.” Were you really? Think about what it feels like to be hungry. Think about what it feels like to run. Hunger is a negative, painful, empty feeling. Running breeds positivity and an energized body. Are you unfortunate enough to truly know hunger? I am lucky that hunger is not an issue for me, so I am choosing to counter the negative (hunger) with the positive (running) by participating in Run 10 Feed 10.

What’s all the hype about? At least 50 million people in the world are hungry, 17 million of those being children. Children! In the United States, 1 in 6 children are wondering when they will get their next meal. Think about six kids you know; one of them might be the victim of hunger, which could drastically impact their growth, strength, and ability to learn. No! These children are our future. These children may care for us when we’re old. So we need to stand up and help our future Americans while we still have the power to take action! Help them get fed.

Yes, you! We need you to join the Run 10 Feed 10 initiative with Women’s Health and the FEED Foundation to fight domestic hunger. I know, you’re asking what that even means. Well, it’s as simple as lacing up your sneakers. By running a 10k at one of the seven events throughout the United States (or you can even sign up to run your own personal race), you provide meals to ten people in your community. Hunger is a global problem, but it’s solvable.

Check out this quick PSA for even more info!

Want to know more about the FEED Foundation? The FEED foundation is an organization started by Lauren Bush Lauren, grand-daughter of former President George W. Bush and wife of David Lauren. The FEED foundation is dedicated to the mission of providing meals for people throughout the globe. As of 2011, the FEED foundation has provided 60 million free meals to children around the globe through their FEED Projects which include partnerships with companies like Target, Disney, DKNY, and more.  Women’s Health is proud to work with an organization like FEED. The money you raise goes directly to a local charity in your hometown filtered through the foundation.

I, Women’s Health, and the FEED Foundation need your help. It’s as simple as registering online.

#Run10Feed10 Facts:

Register at

Races and fun runs will occur in September and October 2013 throughout the U.S.

The flagship event in NYC is this Saturday, September 22nd.

Runs are open to women and men, 18+.

Not a runner? No problem, we’ve got you. Participate today by donating to the cause.

Women’s Health and their Action Heroes’ goal is to raise one million meals for people across the U.S. Sounds like a hefty challenge, but we succeeded last year and hope to do so again. We’re currently at 780,184 meals! According to the FEED Foundation website, $15 will provide $100 meals and $45 will feed a family of four for an entire month. Awesome! Can you help? It’s as easy as putting those weekly coffees on hold, skipping happy hour one night or that 3pm snack craving and donate to a Women’s Health Action hero.

run 10 feed 10

What are you waiting for? Changing the world is just a few clicks and steps away.


Jaime, WH Boston Action Hero