a heart to heart for you all

a heart to heart for you all

Yup, that’s a stability ball that I’m using as an ottoman. Cool kid over here.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see Friday. This week I had dreadfully early mornings every day and rounded out the days with night clients or bootcamp classes, so each night I was a dozing-off zombie by 10:00pm. That’s a fun way to hang out with your husband, isn’t it?!

I’m absolutely not complaining, but my schedule has gotten so much busier lately. My client load is adding up and often times I find myself struggling to fit in some blog time. Nooo!!! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had to dial back my amount of postings per week, but I’m still digging around to find the latest and greatest in the industry to share with you. My personal photographer, aka my husband, has transitioned into more demanding work hours so even my workout photoshoot time has become smaller! Womp womp…

But don’t fret, this just means that I have to get more organized and efficient. Expect more workouts, exercise moves, nutrition info, and anything else I think of or feel like talking about in the coming weeks. I’m trying, dudes.

In the meantime, PLEASE let me know if there’s anything you want to know, learn about, work on, share, etc. I’m always looking for inspiration from you guys and I need y’all to speak up! Let’s get talking!

In other news, I officially have my very own media kit! I am now open to all sorts of opportunities, whether it be advertisement space, guest postings, giveaways, product reviews, and more. I’d love to chat with any of you about ideas!

To all the bloggers out there: any tips or tricks for media kits?

And finally, since it is well-deserved…HAVE A BODACIOUS WEEKEND! Go do something active!