summer's over: back to running

summer’s over: back to running

Last week I found myself with a golden window of opportunity: a free evening. Every night during the week I either have clients or bootcamp classes, so free time between the hours of 5:00pm and 9:00pm is pretty rare. The stars aligned and I found myself with one of those elusive free nights, so I planned out what I truly wanted to do–a sunset run.

Now some of you may know that I have taken an “off-season” for running simply because the Miami summers were painfully sweltering and indoor treadmill running makes me want to belt out a blood-curtling scream. This decision to jump back into outdoor running was a big one for me. Was the humidity still too high? Will I get a headache from the heat? Do I even have it in me to do my normal route?

I decided to avoid any and all frustration that the GPS often causes when I run–I went tech-free. I didn’t need to know my pace, didn’t need to push myself too hard (like I tend to do sometimes). All I intended was to have a relaxing run to ease me back in the game after a summer of the elliptical and sporadic brain-numbing treadmill running.

You know what? It felt good. My body felt rested and prepared for the run. While out on the road I felt calm and free of tension. What really amazed me was that I truly enjoyed it, I never was counting down the minutes. And bonus points–I ended up running much faster than I expected! My start time and end time astonished me.

In this unofficial “off-season” I focused a lot more on strength training. I really wanted to assess the weaknesses in my body so I upped the strength moves for my back to counteract the slouchy posture that I sometimes notice when I see myself in a photo or mirror. After a season of back exercises, I noticed that my running posture felt much more comfortable and my shoulders were more easily aligned. I really think this new-found strength will help with my breathing and might actually translate into faster times for me–the better I can breathe, the better I can run!

My intentions for this running season are to continue with the strength training to keep myself in top form, maybe sign up for a race or two, and be diligent about my foam rolling.

I’m back in the game! Do you guys have a running off-season? What do you like to do when you can’t run?

Also, here are a couple fun photos from the Labor Day weekend!

gunnar photo 1

Gunnar was SO happy to have my husband and I both home for an entire weekend–little buddy got spoiled!

meatball photo

the ultimate splurge meal–I made homemade meatballs and sauce on Saturday night. you gotta go all in though with regular rigatoni, no whole wheat pasta allowed!