photo: AussieFit

love handles: why they suck and how to lose them

Love handles. Muffin top. Whatever you want to call it, the pudge above your waistband sucks. Throw in a bloated day and you just wanna throw on that black flowy top…again. The flab on your obliques makes clothes fit more snugly, and they contribute to the lumps and bumps you see when wearing something formfitting, such as that sexy dress for date night. With love handles holding a lot of people back, what’s the best way to tackle that pudge and lose the handles forever?

It’s a multi-part answer. Read on for the best tips to lose the love handles:

  • Diet, diet, diet! Eat a muffin, gain a muffin top. It’s really important to take diet seriously when you want to lose any belly fat. Up the intake of fruits, veggies, and water; dial back on the sugars, fats, and starchy carbs. You may be complaining now, but you won’t when it actually starts to work and you see results.
  • Cardio! I’ve noticed that running in particular really helps tone up the midsection. I contribute it to the trunk rotation and high intensity of the exercise. Throw in some sprints here and there and you’ve got yourself a fat-burning dream of a workout.
  • Toning exercises! Anything that challenges the core and obliques in particular will tighten up the areas that lie under the muffin-top flab. Once you shed that fat, your tight core will be on display. Try these moves from my favorite fellow bloggers on for size:

photo: Pumps & Iron, a perfect workout resource blog!

Side Plank Workout by Pumps & Iron: Nicole, the voice and body behind the blog, posts very Pinterest-worthy workouts and this one is no exception!

Spicing Up the Plank by Shh…Fit Happens: regular old planks work just fine, but try these variations for a shake-up to your routine.

Those jeans will be buttoning in no time.

photo credit: AussieFit Pumps & Iron