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The morning of your wedding, emotions are high, everything should (hopefully) be in place, and all you have left to do is sit back and enjoy your big day. But before the grand ceremony and millions of photos, why not fit a little fitness into your special day?

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before the gown, get your fitness on!

I would have loved to do some sort of exercise the morning of my wedding. Due to the hair and makeup schedule, which started at a stark 7:00am, there wasn’t enough time to get up and go for a run. It would have been so great to start the day off right and I personally always feel SO energized after working out. If only I could have had the day’s schedule start a little later…

Don’t make the mistake I did–try to do something active before the chaotic day begins! I’ve thought of a lot of different ways to get your fitness on before you get your gown on:

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  • Bring yoga to you. I have seen some bridal parties hire a private yoga instructor to come to the hotel or home that everyone is at and teach a yoga practice. This is a phenomenal idea because it gets all the girls (or guys) together and brings a sense of peace to the morning. Feeling calm and collected is the way to go on such an important day! You can always research local yoga studios and call them up asking for an instructor. Bonus points if you have a friend that’s an instructor!
  • Go for your last single-girl or single-guy run. You can lace up your shoes and go for a leisurely jog on your own–there is nothing wrong with that! Being alone will let you focus on the upcoming day, shake out those jitters, and allow yourself some quiet time. Just make sure you let someone know where you went–no one wants rumors of a runaway bride!
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  • Want a more modern twist? Work out together! Brides and grooms these days are opting for a “first look” before ceremonies so that photos can be snapped before all the celebrations. If you two are fitness fanatics, why not stage your own first look and go for a run or bike ride before everything else begins? If your photographer isn’t there that early, ask a friend to set up a “first look” complete with exercise gear, bike helmets, whatever suits your fancy. Or just completely opt out of that and meet your future spouse for a secret jaunt before everyone else is awake. It can be your little secret…
  • Get gritty. Yoga isn’t your style? How about hiring a private bootcamp instructor? You can start your day with a hit of high-intensity exercise complete with squats, lunges, push-ups, and burpees. Just make sure you notify your instructor that it is your wedding day, so anything that might risk injury should be shelved for now. No one wants a wedding day visit to the hospital! Play it safe!
  • Keep it in the family. Again, I would have loved to do this at my own wedding, but time didn’t allow for it. Invite your parents or close family to go for a morning walk. It would be an intimate way to say anything you want before others may get in the way and it would be a perfect time to give them any special gifts you’ve purchased. Having the alone time with those you care for most would be a treat on that morning. Double whammy? Stroll along with some gourmet coffee! Everyone’s gonna need it!
  • Make it a team effort. Having a late ceremony? Organize a team sport such as kickball or softball with the bridal party and other friends and family! Everyone can get to know each other better and I assure you, no one will have a bad time. If you think your guests can be responsible and know their limits, throw in a cooler or two of beer…

Hopefully reading these ideas has inspired you to pack a little fitness into your unforgettable day! I wish I did for my own nuptials, so now my own vow to myself is to get up and go on the mornings before my friends’ upcoming weddings!

Did any of you exercise before the big day began?

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