photo: Poetry by Ray Brown

losing weight: what makes YOU want to just give up?

We’ve all been there. One day your pants start feeling tighter. That belt loop suddenly feels a little too snug. You feel more bloated than usual. Your face looks somewhat puffier. You start to wonder, and then you step on the scale…boom. That hurts. My wake up call was in college, where I gained about ten pounds throughout freshman year. I’m a very small person to start with so ten pounds wasn’t a huge deal, but it was my first real experience with weight gain. Looking back I’m kind of glad it happened because that’s the only way I grew to appreciate fitness.

After the initial shock of gaining weight, I started being more conscious of what I was eating. My lunchtime ice cream cone dessert every day in the cafeteria had to go–so did the Burger King Tuesday lunch, Chinese food Wednesday lunch, etc. How did I ever think that was an okay diet?! I allowed myself to keep my favorite, pizza Friday lunch, but I understood that everything else had to be kept in check. Ten pounds isn’t much to begin with, so once I achieved my goal through a better diet and daily workouts, I felt happy and accomplished.

Millions of people today are struggling with losing weight. One of my favorite fitness websites, FitSugar, posted their¬†top five reasons people give up on losing weight. Most of it centers around hating diet restriction, despising exercise, and not seeing results fast enough. I gotta admit, those are some standard responses when asked about losing weight. The only problem? There aren’t any shortcuts, and if something seems like a quick and easy fix, it’s typically too good to be true (the Master Cleanse with cayenne lemon water that Beyonce famously lost weight on? Yup, you’ll gain it right back the second you throw in some solid foods). What really works is cleaning up the diet, (maybe) cutting booze, upping your water intake, and getting sweaty with some exercise. If those measures don’t seem to help the scale move, you may need to see a doctor to rule out any other kind of underlying issue.

I’m working on a couple projects lately that focus on the weight loss journey, and I’m curious what you all think about FitSugar’s top five reasons. Is there one that is missing? I really want to tap into the minds of those who have shed 10, 20, 30 pounds or more, as they truly understand the struggle of losing weight.

For those of you who have lost weight or are currently working to lose weight, are there any things that seriously motivate you? Discourage you? When do you feel like you really want to throw in the towel?

photo credits: Poetry by Ray Brown