twelve hours in your dream life

Think about your ideal life, from soup to nuts. What does it look like? Are you a corporate executive? A professional kiteboarder? Do you live in the mountains? Do you have kids or a spouse? Do you eat Corn Pops every day for breakfast? Are you a troll living under a bridge?

One of the exercises from The Firestarter Sessions had the reader visualize twelve hours in their dream life. She had you write down two versions: home and away. The home version was more realistic, a vision of how you’d want to live each day in the real world (i.e. waking up early, going for a swim, eating oatmeal with berries, biking to work, etc.). The away version was your true fantasy, no limits. I challenge you to do it right now! Go ahead!

the firestarter sessions, motivational exercises

parts of my dream twelve hours: husband. dog. beach.

Once the dream twelve hours are written down, the author encourages you to analyze your answers. One of my at-home dreams was to eat a really clean diet filled with fruits and veggies. Looking at that dream sequence, she asks, isn’t there any way to take baby steps towards those things you imagined? My solution: start juicing, making salads, throwing fruit on my cereal in the morning, etc. It’s as simple as that. That tiny tweak to my daily habits could get me to where I was dreaming about.

Another item in my dream? Finishing my workout before I even have coffee. This is virtually impossible. No matter how good it is for me, no matter how well it would fit into my schedule, it’s still just SO hard for me to pull myself out of bed before I truly need to get out of bed. Part of the issue? I have a ridiculously comfortable bed. This one will be hard for me to achieve, but it might happen one day…might.

So go ahead, on this sweltering Tuesday, and write down your ideal twelve hours, home and away. Break it down–is anything doable today?