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FitSugar’s yoga sequence for trouble areas

You know those days when you wake up with some tight muscles and wish you could go back to bed? Well, that feeling could be a slight indicator that you’re overtrained and need a rest period. I’ve been waking up like that lately so today I decided to take it easy, avoid the gym, and maybe do an at-home yoga sequence.

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photo: FitSugar

I totally love going to a studio for yoga–I love the peaceful tranquility I have on my way out after class. How is it only yoga that makes me feel that calm and collected?! That serenity does not translate over to an at-home practice. I’ve tried to do P90X’s yoga video, but that is painstakingly slow and long. I don’t have any other yoga videos, so sometimes I like to freestyle. (Anyone have any good yoga DVD suggestions?) Since I’m not officially trained in yoga, I usually do my favorite poses and call it a day. Not the most effective time spent.

I figured I’d look into a good at-home yoga sequence and share it with you all so that we can all practice our chaturangas in the comforts of our own homes. With hurricane season, thunderstorms, and eventually snow storms (for those of you not in Florida) along the way, having a way to work out and stretch out at home will be helpful for those house-bound days.

Enter FitSugar‘s Yoga Sequence to Say Goodbye to Love Handles, Saddlebags, and Arm Flab. This is a comprehensive collection of yoga poses that together make up a great (but advanced) total-body practice. Now for those yoga newbies, don’t fret: each pose has a full description. You can browse through it, write down any notes on certain poses, and get going! I know I’m going to try some of these today in my down time. Let me know if you try it out!


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