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class review: crossfit 201

Hey all, I’m back!! After another long weekend up in NJ I’m finally home, surviving a United Airlines debacle last night. Thanks to a broken part on the engine (really reassuring), I didn’t make it home until 1:30am. Ouch. On a happier note, I had my first pre-natal client this morning and it was awesome! I’m super pumped to be working with such a special segment of the population. These ladies are so strong.

Over the weekend I FINALLY tried CrossFit for the first time! My brother-in-law has recently gotten into it, all thanks to the 21-year-old intern dude they had staying with them for a month. He was a true CrossFit bro. After trying out a couple of CrossFit gyms (CrossFit boxes?), he chose to work out at CrossFit 201 in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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photo: CrossFit 201 | Facebook

Anyway, we looked up the WOD the night before (that may or may not be considered cheating) and I decided it was the perfect intro WOD for me. Almost everything was bodyweight-related, so I felt comfortable going into it. We woke up, headed over, and strolled into the warehouse-style facility that I expect when it comes to CrossFit. It was no-frills and stocked with serious equipment, and the family/team atmosphere was apparent from the moment we stepped through the front door. Everyone is eager to become friends, and they attack the WOD with enthusiasm.

Here’s the WOD that I powered through:

  • 2 mile run
  • 40 wall balls (I used the 14lb ball)
  • 30 burpees
  • 20 pull-ups (I used the rubber band for support)

I felt comfortable with the 2 mile run, but it was getting steamy that morning with the humidity slowly building. I wanted to make sure I didn’t burn out too easily before I actually got to any CrossFit exercises, so I ended up hanging towards the back of the group. GOOD DECISION.

Once we got back to CrossFit 201, it was time to work. I was really happy that wall balls were in the WOD because I’ve always wanted to try them. I love how they really work the entire body, and they’re fun at the same time! We got through the burpees and pull-ups, and ended the WOD as sweaty messes. Two days later, my triceps are still sore from those pull-ups.

All in all, this was a WOD I could handle and even enjoy. I know I am not into the Olympic-lifting idea, with maxing out and things like that, but I respect CrossFit and those who practice it often. Their bodies don’t lie either–these people could truly lift a car. I’d be totally okay joining a friend for a doable WOD like Sunday’s, but will I become a convert and start working on my clean and jerks? Highly unlikely. I’ll leave that to the strong guys and girls over at CrossFit 201! Thanks for a great workout!

photo credit: Crossfit 201 | Facebook