how do you wind down after a tough workout?

how do you wind down after a tough workout?

I love the feeling at the end of a really good workout–your muscles are tired, maybe a bit shaky, and you feel downright spent. Sometimes you may even wonder how you’re going to drag yourself home. These are all signs that you pushed yourself past your comfort zone, so pat yourself on the back! If you are working towards a certain goal, remind yourself that you’re another step in that direction.

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my favorite place to wind down after a hard workout!
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When working out at the beach (my favorite!), I love a post-workout dip of my feet in the water. I toss off my sneakers and just embrace the ocean water washing over my legs, cooling down my body temperature. I could stand out there for hours. After a more traditional non-beach workout, I like to chug some water, do some foam rolling, and take a long, hot shower. In my eyes, nothing compares to the tranquil feeling you have post-shower after a tiring day (or just a long day at the beach! Isn’t it weird how tiring it is to just lay around in the sand?). Then if I’m feeling really crazy I’ll paint my nails a funky color. Rock on.

What’s your favorite (hopefully calorie-free) way to wind down after a good workout? It’s important to focus on something indulgent but not food-related. It’s easy to fall into that trap of “I burned off so many calories! I’m worth it!” and boom, there goes all your hard work. Instead of digging into gooey macaroni and cheese, some runners admit to indulging in a soothing bath (with or without Epsom salts) after their long runs. Others may reward themselves with a cozy afternoon nap. Many a marathon runner or Crossfit competitor like to down a brew post-competition (but keep it to ONE!). Hopefully they also remember to hydrate!

Whether it’s rewarding yourself with new workout clothes, splurging on a new fitness-tech device, or meditating for a half hour in your quiet backyard, it’s important to acknowledge your achievements. It also may help you push a little harder during your workout, as the anticipation of that awesome reward will be much sweeter when you really did earn it.

So, what’s your reward for a hard workout!? Spill the beans, please!