puppy seated spinal twist, check out the form! should i have corrected him?!

yoga instructors + corrections

Today’s post is a little more personal. I recently went to a Vinyasa yoga class, and it was my first time back to yoga in a long time. I was really excited to get a deep stretch, assess my weaknesses that I’ve accumulated over my long hiatus, and just relax for an hour (side note: the class ended up being a shocking 1 hour and 45 minutes! The instructor didn’t even warn us and there was no clock in the room! My husband was waiting for me at the gym since we drove together and he was not pleased.).

Anyway, class began as usual. Some warm breathing and getting into the flow, then transitioning into more movement. Here’s where the hiccup happened: the instructor started correcting anyone and anything in the room. Now I’m all for helping students keep alignment and proper form–the last thing any instructor wants is someone to get hurt on their watch. But when the corrections start becoming frequent and to be honest, a bit belittling, the whole class becomes frustrated and distracted.

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puppy seated spinal twist, check out the form! should i have corrected him?!

I’m no yogi but I’ve been doing yoga on and off for at least eight years. At this point I’m pretty well-versed with the moves in a Vinyasa class and I know the kind of form I should be trying to achieve. I obviously can’t get perfect form in every pose, but I’m working on it. Having the instructor try to teach me how to do a basic chaturanga wasn’t helpful–it was just discouraging. I’ve done a million chaturangas over the years! The most frustrating part was that she tried to modify my form on the lowering part, so I changed to perform to her liking. Once I did, she recorrected me and told me my original form was already fine. No need to change. I’m sorry, but WHAT?!

As I started getting over her constant correction of students and tried to get my mind back to it’s calm state, I then noticed how she was explaining each move. It was painfully detailed and rather confusing. No wonder she was correcting everyone, she couldn’t verbalize her thoughts!

Overall, I left the class feeling fired up and disappointed. I wasted almost two hours of my time (on a precious Sunday evening, no less) to be talked down to by my yoga instructor. I probably won’t be making it to her class anytime soon…

Am I being a brat for feeling annoyed by her constant corrections?

Have any of you ever experienced something like this? How do you feel when a fitness instructor corrects your form? Do you appreciate the help or would you rather be left to yourself to figure it out? If you are corrected in front of the whole class, are you embarrassed?