i'm joining a gym!

i’m joining a gym!

Yesterday I tried out a new fitness center. Most of you know that I have been a big fan of at-home workouts paired with running outside, but this summer it just isn’t possible. It’s dangerous out there! To me it’s always seemed frivolous to join a gym because of all the equipment I already have at home. I can easily put together a tough workout with bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, a medicine ball, etc. (I am a personal trainer after all), but after hemming and hawing over what to do, I decided that I want a gym membership.

To those of you who have been going to a gym for years, you probably don’t understand my excitement. But for me, the idea of joining a gym with new equipment, a large class schedule, and uninterrupted workout time makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning–I can’t wait to play with all the toys and try everything out! Let’s be honest, no one’s offering towel service or hydro-pilates classes in my backyard. And for those of you wondering, yes, it is a pilates class held in a pool. Sweet.

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screw it, no more at-home workouts for me! …unless there’s a hurricane and I’m stuck indoors…

What I’m most excited about is finally getting the motivation refresh that I’ve been needing lately. At-home workouts, especially with a new dog, aren’t always the most productive. I start out with my whole workout planned ahead, equipment ready to go, and I get distracted with fast-forwarding commercials on the DVR. The dog comes in and thinks that ab exercises are an open invitation for a belly-flop to the face. The laundry needs to go in the dryer. I suddenly realize that I need to boil chicken for tonight’s dinner prep. The list is endless! I’m really looking forward to the whole process of getting to the gym, popping on my headphones, taking the proper time to get a good workout, and just having the “me” time. Is that selfish of me to say? I am fully aware that one day when I have kids my “me” time will be virtually non-existant, so right now I’m relishing in the splendor of some childless free time. I might as well take advantage, am I right?!

I know I won’t be super enthusiastic to shell out the money each month for the membership, but I think the fitness community atmosphere will be worth it. Sometimes it feels like “If I work out and no one knows that I did, did I really work out?” Something like that. Anyway, having a gym membership is going to be just what I needed to get out of my workout funk. The included pool membership isn’t too shabby either…gotta love living in Florida!

Have a safe weekend filled with friends, family, and fitness! And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!