home gym: the kettlebell

home gym: the kettlebell

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A piece of fitness equipment that has gained traction over the years is the kettlebell. They are typically made of cast-iron and resemble a cannonball with a handle. With the rising popularity of kettlebells there are tons of options out there, such as sand-filled, water-filled, 3-in-1’s (three different weights in one kettlebell), etc. Many gyms or fitness centers offer kettlebell classes, the perfect place to learn exercises and proper form.

What makes kettlebells unique is their construction. Unlike dumbbells, the center of mass of the kettlebell is away from the hand, in the center of the cannonball-like portion. This makes the kettlebell perfect for swings or pendulum movements. The types of exercises that are performed with kettlebells often mimic everyday functional activities, thus explaining why CrossFitters embrace them. In addition, most of the moves involving kettlebells have some sort of cardio component to them, so you are getting a full-body strength workout while breathing hard. This ups the calorie burn big time!

Check out this article from Greatist that explains 22 kick-ass kettlebell exercises. I guarantee you will have an intense workout. Adding this item to your home gym will shred fat and build muscle! I always check out Amazon for fitness equipment, so here is a list of buyable options.

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