photo: Freedom Flow Project | Facebook

newsworthy: miami yoga magazine article with cat haayen

Today I have some exciting news! I recently worked with Cat Haayen of YOGathletA and the Freedom Flow Project on her article for Miami Yoga Magazine. Cat has a tumultuous story of how she put her destructive ways aside and awakened her inner athlete; she is quite the inspiration. Knowing how cool and composed she is now, I would never have guessed what a wild child she was in her younger years!

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photo: Freedom Flow Project | Facebook

I had a great time working with her on editing and organizing the piece, and I am so proud to see it published today. She looks fabulous! Please head over to Miami Yoga Magazine and check out the article–you can find it on page 8!

Warning! Shameless self-promotion moment: if any of you are personally or professionally looking for a freelance writer or editor, have an article that needs to be composed, or would like guest posts for your blog, feel free to reach out to me via, Twitter, Facebook, snail mail, or carrier pigeon. I would love to work with you!

photo credit: Freedom Flow Project | Facebook