home gym: ankle weights

home gym: ankle weights

Hi everyone! Hope you had a fun weekend and got your workouts in!

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I recently purchased some ankle weights for my home gym and I had to share how much I have enjoyed them. Wearing them throughout a workout challenges your legs to work in a different way, and having them on your ankles automatically activates your bottom half with any movement you do.

What’s the best way to use them? Any exercises for your glutes would be amplified with the addition of an ankle weight; check out the leg circles series for some exercise ideas. Kicking exercises, such as a squat + front kick, activate your core and hip flexors, important body parts to work if you tend to sit a lot during the day.

Here’s a quick tip that I’ve found if you’re hunting for some cheap exercise equipment–T.J. Maxx! I was there the other day and they had foam rollers (for fifteen dollars!), various resistance bands, stability balls, ankle weights, and more for really low prices. The ankle weights in the above photo were $6.99. Sweet!

One final suggestion is to just wear your ankle weights around the house or apartment as you do your day to day tasks. Yes, you may think you look silly, but you will up your calorie burn and make your legs work a little bit harder. Bonus points if you have stairs!