home gym: the medicine ball

home gym: the medicine ball

Since moving into our new home, our schedules have gotten much busier. “Down time” no longer exists. We have been obsessively discussing caulking the shower, killing the weeds in the backyard, what color should we paint the dining room, how do we change the water filter in the refrigerator, and the list goes on and on. #newhouseproblems

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yup, we figured out a color–the dining room will be a light peach!

Everyone (and myself included) always gives the advice to start slow, there’s no need to tackle every project right off the bat. It’s so hard to take my own advice! I’m itching to jump into everything, but my body is saying to dial it back. I have been exhausted this past week which has left me low energy to devote to The Fit Chronicles. Don’t fret though, I’m coming up with a serious plan this weekend! I love talking about all things health and fitness, so organization will be key for me to really get you some juicy posts.

Anyway, onto today’s topic: the medicine ball. I have been eyeing medicine balls for awhile now, wanting to add one to my home gym. After pricing them out and figuring out the best weight for me, I drove over to Sports Authority this week and finally did it. A 12 pounder from BodyFit! It weighed in (pun intended) at just under $40.00. For something so small that is considered a splurge in my opinion, but it is really worth it.

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Medicine balls are a different way to add resistance to your normal fitness routine. A simple forward lunge becomes more of a full body move by holding a medicine ball above your head while lunging. Holding a medicine ball at your chest during a basic sit-up challenges your core–lightly tossing the ball in the air at the top of the crunch adds a bit of an arm workout. Looking for something more cardio-based? Try out a medicine ball slam–that stuff gets you breathing hard.

I chose 12 pounds because it is a tough-but-doable weight for me. Anything lighter in my eyes would have been a waste of my money. The weight obviously depends on your fitness level, but I think 10 pounds is an appropriate weight for anyone looking to buy a medicine ball.

There are different styles of medicine balls. I chose one that is small, slightly squishy and filled with sand. This means that the ball will not bounce, making any kind of slam exercise harder to do. Some medicine balls are soft and padded, while others are bouncy and made of rubber, looking similar to a kickball. It all depends on the kind of workout you’re looking for and the comfort you’d like to have while holding it.

Be on the lookout for some Moves of the Week that involve a medicine ball. It’s one of my favorite fitness products!