easing life changes with running

easing life changes with running

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seen on one of my new running routes: a cactus!

With the big life changes going on with me, my husband, and our families, it’s safe to say that life has gotten pretty unpredictable and fast-paced. Each day has been busy with unique happenings, and it unfortunately has been really tough to fit in a good workout. This to me is saddening because fitness is my career, my hobby, my passion, and my daily ritual. I know many of you understand where I am coming from, especially new parents (I can’t even imagine that feeling of change!). The only constant lately is change, and every day I am craving my comfortable, regular, old workout routine.

A relaxing outdoor run is my cure for a frazzled mind and body.¬†Getting fresh oxygen to pump through my lungs makes me feel like I’m flushing out the stress and recharging my tired body. Sweat only adds to the experience as it is the most literal form of cleansing and detoxification. Wherever I am, whether it be in my town, up in New Jersey, on vacation, or anywhere else, after an outdoor run I feel calm, accomplished, clear-headed, strong, and centered. Jet lagged? Traveling to a new city? Go for a run around town to reenergize and learn the roads. Need to make a life-altering decision? Write your pros and cons list while pounding the pavement. Stressed from moving? Try to sweat it out with a jog. After all the different moves we’ve done over the years I now know that the only thing I need in order to hit “reset” and feel back to my normal self is a casual, mind-clearing run. Exercise is my constant.

But with these recent changes comes some perks! Since my husband and I are in a new neighborhood, there are now hundreds of new running routes for me to try out. We were fortunate enough to land a house in a spectacular part of Miami, so the running scenery is now magnificent. The lush landscape and palm trees never get old to me! New running routes are like a new playlist in my eyes–they recharge your running spirit and help to fight boredom.

My advice for anyone experiencing change is to try to fill your free time with what makes you feel comfortable and at home. I’m not solely talking about working out, but that definitely is an option! You could calm your mind with exercise, cooking your favorite meal, playing an instrument, reading your favorite book, and the list goes on. While change can be awesome and exciting, it also can derail routines, so work hard to keep your constants the same.

What is your constant, the one thing you can’t live without?