quick bootcamp drill for your weekend

quick bootcamp drill for your weekend

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I taught class right on this water a few days ago…burpees go down a lot easier when you have a stunning view, am I right?!

Happy Friday! I’ve really been enjoying teaching bootcamp classes around Miami and I’m looking forward to the busier schedule that will start in April. That means I’ll be putting together a lot more drills! To kick off the weekend, here is one of the drills I have been using for class:

Set an interval timer (check out the Gymboss if you’re looking for a cool timing device!) for 45 seconds.

Perform the following exercises in back-to-back intervals:

  • jumping jacks
  • right-legged lunge pulse (lower into a lunge position with right leg forward. Keeping the left knee off the ground, do small pulses up and down in the lunge)
  • left-legged lunge pulse
  • burpees
  • pushups
  • break! catch your breath!

Repeat this circuit three times consecutively for a quick workout. Hope you all have a blast this weekend!