calling all success stories!

calling all success stories!

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she’s making it happen! photo: RVA Fitness

Last night was the season finale of The Biggest Loser. This was the first season that I actually followed the show in its entirety, and I was extremely happy (spoiler alert!) to see Danni take home the grand prize. Losing 121 pounds, over 46 percent of her body weight, is so inspirational and a perfect example of what hard work and a goal can accomplish. This girl was constantly pushing herself in her workouts–the proof was in the pudding, as she won a ton of the challenges!

I have started teaching bootcamp classes around Miami, and I am truly enjoying getting to know the different people I come in contact with every day. This morning I had a first-timer who has been walking to get in shape. She is at the beginning stages of a weight-loss journey, and I can tell that her spirit and energy will get her to her goals. When she was struggling through an exercise, instead of complaining or quitting she yelled out “This is great, I’m learning it and will practice at home!” Now there’s someone with the drive to succeed. I am honored to be there on day one, and will be sure to be there for the days going forward.

Do any of you have inspirational stories you’d like featured on The Fit Chronicles? I’d love to highlight people that have lost weight, adopted a healthy lifestyle amidst adversity or challenge, or overcome any hurdles to get them to their fit self. Please email, tweet @TheFitChron, or find The Fit Chronicles on Facebook. I’d LOVE to get you featured!

photo credit: RVA Fitness