wedding series: let's get this party started!

wedding series: let’s get this party started!

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Spring is on the horizon and you know what that means…wedding season! Before the gowns are steamed, boutonnieres are pinned, and photos are taken, there are a million other things to tackle. Having hundreds of decisions to make can cause any bride or groom to fall into a stressful panic…while it’s hard to avoid, that is one of the worst things for a couple in love to experience!

I attended a bridal expo last night to talk to brides about their current fitness regimens and their pre-wedding exercise plans. I noticed a recurring theme: all brides feel a need to improve their looks before the big day. While I am incredibly biased in this area, I have to admit that my number one suggestion for any bride looking to have that lit-from-within glow (aside from love, of course) is to exercise, exercise, exercise. It is one of the few things that will tone your body, improve your skin, and destress you all at once. How do I know this? I was a bride once myself. I couldn’t imagine getting through the planning process without a run on the treadmill or a vinyasa class at my favorite yoga studio. That was one of the few things I could do to just be alone and think about whatever I pleased.

In the coming weeks I am going to tackle all the common bridal woes: losing weight amidst the pre-nuptial storm, proper diet in order to sustain energy for marathon wedding planning days, specific workouts for dress (and tux) styles, and more. As always, please comment with any questions you’d like answered or topics you’d like to read about.

Let the race to the altar begin!