the 50 best health, fitness, + happiness start-ups

the 50 best health, fitness, + happiness start-ups

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One of my newest favorite websites, Greatist, came out with their top 50 most innovative health, fitness, and happiness start-ups. Since I started this blog I’ve become much more tech-interested, and my fitness app collection is ever increasing (perhaps that’s why my iPhone battery life is shorter than a television commercial?!). I was excited to get my paws on this list, as I’m always looking for a new way to track my progress!

Their number one start-up, My Fitness Pal, is incredible at helping you journal your calorie intake. My husband and I decided to use My Fitness Pal every day as our new year’s resolution. I’m not saying our recording has been perfect, but I’m still going strong! He, on the other hand, needed some encouragement. If you follow your friends on the app, you can send them notes to motivate them, so I was sure to message him a “Hey buddy! Get back on track!” yesterday. Anyway, the app has thousands of foods already loaded up in the database, and for quick logging you can use the barcode scanner (genius!) to easily drop in your meal. I highly recommend this app for anyone looking to lose weight or just clean up their diet. It has certainly gotten me reconsidering my afternoon snack choices–would I rather log in chips or an apple? Um, no question.

Along with Greatist, Well + Good, a NYC-based website, has been climbing the charts on my list of favorite sites. They really tap into the hot topics of the industry, especially when it comes to juicing, fitness classes, and fashionable workout gear. While the site is most beneficial for those in New York, anyone can glean some good tidbits from their content. Check it out!

This top 50 list opened my eyes to all that is new and fresh in the health and fitness industry, and made me pretty excited for what else is to come. Other start-ups I’d like to try from that list are NatureBox, HealthTap (a much better way to diagnose than Googling your symptoms…all roads always end up leading to cancer!), Fooducate, Everest, and FITiST.

Have any of you tried these start-ups? What is your absolute favorite app or website?