home gym: the gymboss

home gym: the gymboss

As gym membership prices skyrocket and pricey class packages break the bank, I thought I’d start a series of suggestions for building your own home gym. A hearty workout can be done anywhere, and having the right equipment at your fingertips makes it that much easier! Today’s product that I happen to love is the GymBoss.

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This little device allows you to perform your own interval training wherever you are. You can set one or two specified time intervals for as many rounds as you’d like, so you could use this for a couch-to-5k training of running/walking periods. With the clip attachment, you are able to wear it while you work–I like donning it for intervals while on a run.

One final bonus: the GymBoss is cheap! You can find it for purchase on their website, but I bought it at Amazon. It’s a really great product to add to your home gym as it can be used for a ton of different workouts. Here’s a quick workout I put together last week:

Set the GymBoss for 1-minute intervals. I set it for 40 rounds so that I could get a 30-minute workout while also being able to incorporate any rest periods needed.

Perform 1-minute intervals of each move for a 5-minute circuit: jump rope, squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, plank. Repeat this circuit three times for a fifteen minute total body workout.

Still have some energy? How about another circuit? Perform 1-minute intervals of each move for another 5-minute circuit: tuck jumps, reverse lunges, mountain climbers, triceps push-ups, crunches.

Stay tuned for other home gym suggestions!