class review: freedom flow project

class review: freedom flow project

Last spring I was in a transition of sorts. After months of tireless debating whether or not I should make my career change along with the stress of my husband locking in an MBA summer internship and ultimately moving us up to Atlanta, my nerves were shot. I was emotionally drained and needed something to escape to, something far from the same circles I was running in all day. Since we had moved to Miami and I was missing my favorite yoga studio back in New York, I was always on the search for an outdoor yoga class I could frequent because when your climate is summer-weather all year round, why not do outdoor yoga?!

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a snippet of the 5-minute downward dog challenge last week…

Well one day I happened to stumble upon the FREEdOM Flow Project on Facebook. I was curious about it because the photos showed everyone having fun with yoga, it was located in a Miami park, and it was…wait for it…free. At that point, what’s there to lose? I tried it out that night and was immediately hooked. There’s something about practicing yoga in nature that makes it all the more relaxing and inspiring…

The Details

FREEdOM Flow Project is a free yoga class offered twice a week at Riviera Park in South Miami. Most free yoga classes that I have been to in the past act somewhat as a teaser to what a real yoga practice is like, but FREEdOM Flow Project is not one of those classes. It offers a challenging practice that is at the same time accessible to a newbie. It’s an extremely welcoming environment so everyone’s attitude is laid back and supportive–the ideal environment for yoga!

Cat Haayen, yoga, Freedom Flow Project, Miami

Cat Haayen, center, founder of FREEdOM Flow Project…how cool is she??
photo credit: FREEdOM Flow Project | Facebook

Cat Haayen, one of the founders of FREEdOM Flow Project, is a well-respected yoga instructor in the Miami community. She has created YOGathletA, a practice with a “unique, vigorous-yet-sumptuous approach based on the Power Vinyasa system with a few alterations and refinements to fit into the western class dynamics”. She is basically a bad-ass yoga instructor. With her unwavering passion and hard work, she has taken her vision of free yoga for the masses and actually brought it into fruition…a true inspiration for us all!

Haayen leads FREEdOM Flow Project classes approximately once a week, leaving one other day per week open for guest instructors. Some of the most popular instructors in Miami have graced the FREEdOM Flow Project stage. Each instructor contributes to an unforgettable FREEdOM Flow Project experience, and it helps diversify what type of yoga each class offers.

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lots of mingling before class begins

The thing I love is that each class seems to have a buzz about it, with a wide age range of students and the energetic chatter before class begins. (My husband particularly likes the fact that the guy-girl ratio is much more balanced than other yoga classes. He’s not the only dude!) Along with the kickass playlist of Mumford & Sons and Florence + The Machine to name a couple, there is a cool entrepreneurial spirit to it all–VitaCoco is a sponsor of the program and often hands out the latest and greatest flavors of their coconut water. Gaia wheatgrass juice has been known to stop by now and then as well. There is also a strong community aspect to the program, as there are often announcements highlighting other yoga events that are happening around Miami in the coming weeks.

FREEdOM Flow Project serves as a perfect way to stretch and unwind after a long day as well as a free connection to the yoga community of Miami. With the recent Dharma Yoga Studio sponsorship announced last week, I think we have only seen the beginning of the FREEdOM Flow Project. It has been rewarding to watch this project grow and I can’t wait to see what kind of a future is in store for it!

FREEdOM Flow Project is offered at 6:00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays at Riviera Park in South Miami. Follow them on Facebook for the most up-to-date news.