move of the week: the flying squirrel

move of the week: the flying squirrel

The Flying Squirrel

This move is perfect for those who sit at a desk all day. With computers, tablets, and smart phones, we are all hunched over for too many hours. This move will strengthen your back, help your posture, and counteract the damage we’ve all been doing to ourselves!

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Step 1: Lay flat on your stomach, arms straight overhead. Lift your shoulders, chest, and upper torso as high off the ground as possible.

workout, fitness, exercise

Step 2: Circle arms out to the sides and down your back.

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Step 3: Squeeze shoulder blades together; hold for two seconds.

fitness, exercise, workout

Step 4: Circle arms back up to start.

Recommended number of reps: 15 or more. Complete three sets for optimal conditioning.

If you find this move to be too easy for you, add weight. Ankle weights on your hands, light dumbbells, or even soup cans or water bottles will do the trick.

You’ll be standing up straight in no time!