move of the week: the step-up into reverse lunge

move of the week: the step-up into reverse lunge

The Step-Up Into Reverse Lunge

This week’s move is a great blast to your lower half. It is a more advanced move, so make sure you are somewhat conditioned and have appropriate balance. If you opt to add the small jump at the top of the step-up, that plyometric element of the move will get your heart pumping! A very special thanks to one of my clients for her superb modeling this week!

lunge, legs, workout, fitness

Step 1: Stand in front of a sturdy box, aerobic step, park bench, or gym bench. If possible, place object near a wall, pole, tree, or something you can grab onto for balance.

lunge, workout, legs, fitness

Step 2: Step up on box with right foot, bringing left knee up to hip height. For the more advanced athlete, incorporate a small jump as your left leg reaches hip height.

legs, lunge, workout, fitness

Step 3: Step back down with left foot leading.

lunge, legs, workout, fitness

Step 4: Keeping left foot planted, step back into a reverse lunge. Make sure your left knee never passes your left toes.

Step 5: Bring right leg back up to standing position.

Recommended number of reps: 10 or more with the right leg stepping up, then 10 or more on the left side. Once you feel like you have mastered this move, you can always add ankle weights or hold light dumbbells for additional resistance.