running: heat vs. cold debate

running: heat vs. cold debate

With my husband graduating from his MBA program this May, the majority of our discussions of late have revolved around staying in Miami vs. moving back up to the New York City tri-state area post-graduation. As you can imagine, this debate conjures up quite the pros and cons list for both locations.

It may seem silly but one of the major things I keep coming back to is the idea of northeastern winter running vs. southern Florida winter running. To many people this would be a no-brainer–palm trees and waterfront would undoubtedly outweigh snow and chill. But as the Miami winters seem to keep getting hotter (in the dead of winter we’re consistently in the humid low 80° F’s), daytime running in the heat is still pretty taxing on the body.

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Down here most runners get their jogs in before the sun rises; I, however, have tried and failed to perform at my athletic best that early in the morning. I also find that time of day to be fairly unsafe for a lone woman wandering the neighborhood. It is for these reasons that I choose to run in the daylight.

While slugging through the sticky heat, I often find myself craving a long autumn run or the feeling of the crisp winter air in my lungs. I end up rationalizing my thoughts with the idea that with the proper winter running apparel, cold temperatures probably aren’t so horrendous!

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So tell me, am I acting crazy? Is this just a standard grass-is-always-greener situation? What would you pick: running in the heat or running in the cold?